short story

Sleeping garden

purring sound

Dear Diary,
I woke up well in time today, thanks to a good night's sleep. I dressed for college and arrived at my bus stop at 8 a.m. It was morning madness all around, with cars rushing here and there. Honking and screeching dominated all other sounds. I knew the bus would be late as usual and the din was becoming unbearable.
I whipped out my phone, plugged in my ear phones and went straight to the Sleeping Garden app. The app was brilliantly easy to use even my sleepy brain could work its way through it. Selecting my favourite track of a mild combination of Cascade and Blue and White Flycatcher chirping, I relaxed back into my seat and calmly waited for my bus.


College was a rush, with no break between 3 consecutive lectures. At around 3 p.m. I got some time to myself to grab a quick lunch and study for the impending finals. Getting a college degree had always been my dream and I was the first in my family to pursue this goal. I was so close to making my dream a reality but recently the pressure had been too much and I felt like a fish out of water in the city. I missed being able to walk in my garden and the sounds of the birds chirping in the morning. I started having insomnia in anticipation of the exams.
It was then that I was suggested the sleeping garden app by a friend and I'll forever be thankful to her.


The app was simple to use and easy on the eyes. It made studying much easier when I had great nature sounds to listen to.
All I had to do was to switch on whatever sounds I wanted to listen to in whatever combinations I prefered. A whole panel of exotic birds chirping and waterfalls and cascades bubbling were available at my disposal.
There are even small informative descriptions next to the buttons.
The app had an inbuilt timer that I frequently used when I went to sleep.
It had helped me with my insomnia as the fresh sounds of the cascades and wild birds made me feel like I was in a lush grove or in the mountains of Japan.
I quickly went through 3 chapters and left to catch my bus.


I arrived home around 6 p.m. It was a perfect time to watch the sunset and do some yoga.
I laid out my mat out in the balcony and switched on Rain Falling on the Mountains music on my Sleeping Garden app and silently meditated for half an hour.
It greatly relaxed me and I felt energised. Afterwards I called my mom and checked in. We had a quick conversation where she kept asking if I ate and slept enough. Dearest mom, she worried so much about me. She was happy to hear I had been sleeping well lately.


I cooked myself some fried rice with curry at night. I was getting better at cooking as I didn't burn it this time. I ate it while watching the latest season of my favourite show on netflix. I changed into my pyjamas and lay down in bed.
I knew sleep wouldn't come easy so I put on a combination of soft Japanese Nightingale chirping and Hachijojima Mountain Stream on my sleeping app.
I set the timer on 30 minutes and now I'm writing here and my eyes are heavy with sleep. The timer had 15 minutes left so I dialed it up to an hour.
Now I can peacefully go to sleep and anticipate dreams of nature. Night night!


*This short story was written by a writer in a distant country to better understand how to use Sleeping Garden APP.
She seems to use this app everyday by herself and love it. Thanks for the wonderful story!
Sleeping Garden APP supports women who are doing their best everyday.