10 ways to protect yourself from information overload


In today’s digital world where were all plugged in and connected, distances have shortened and information about everything under the sun is available at your fingertips. Metaphorically speaking, the world has become a smaller place but the distance between humans have grown. Now instead of a friendly chat at the local café with your old friend we have resorted to sending them a message online. Meaningful conversations have been replaced with tagging each other in photos. People prefer to stay glued to their phones and other electronic devices instead of spending quality time with their loved ones or focusing on themselves. While having loving relationships with your family and friends has a high importance in our lives what is more important is our relationship with ourselves. The internet always has something to tell you but no one can escape the nagging feeling of feeling disconnected with themselves. Electronic devices have brought about many problems along with them such as insomnia, depression, anxiety and low self-worth. We are constantly fed images of how we are supposed to be and what we should own to be happy while we gradually forget happiness doesn’t come from somebody else’s approval but from within ourselves. Our self-worth isn’t measured in likes and comments but in our love and respect for our bodies and souls. In this digital age unplugging has become a necessity so that we may become connected with ourselves and then our loved ones. Here we have a list of ways you can save yourself from the information overload that the internet offers and find ways to discover yourself again:


1. Pick up a new book:

Yes! A paperback that has been long forgotten once e-books took over. Find some time after your home from your job and find a comfortable spot on a sofa or bed and read a book from your favorite genre. Make sure all electronic devices are far away. You deserve some time away from calls and messages from work. Put on some music or play a soundtrack with nature sounds on it. The Sleeping garden app is a great collection of nature sounds that will provide the perfect backdrop to some quiet ‘me’ time.


2. Yoga:

Yoga is a great way to focus inwards instead of outwards. Find a quiet place in your house or go outside in the morning in you have a park nearby and bust out some yoga moves. in your house you may miss out on the relaxing natural sounds so The Sleeping garden app can provide the perfect soundtrack to your yoga session.


3. Have a power nap during the day:
Working throughout the day can take its toll and tax our minds. Having a quick power nap during your break can really help keep your mind at full potential. To fall asleep quickly put on some relaxing music such as those in The Sleeping garden app and remember to create an alarm so you can wake up on time!


4. Take a walk:

Finding time to move around and get some exercise is difficult when we are always glued to our screens. Take some time out and walk in the local park or just down the street. It will help your mind relax and keep you active as well. Better yet go on a hike- alone or with a friend. It is a great way to connect with nature and will be a bonding experience with a friend.

5. Write a diary:

The long-forgotten art of writing diaries has been making a comeback. Diaries help keep us focused and let us put our thoughts and desires on paper to give them more meaning. Diaries are a good way to gain perspective on your daily life and find more meaning in it. listen to The Sleeping garden app soundtracks specially designed to relax your mind while you write.


6. Catch up with old friends:

Ask them to spend a quit evening with you and learn more about them without the hinderance of a digital screen in front of you. Having a good laugh with your friend can do wonders for your physical and mental friend. Remember to listen to them and respond with your own life stories.


7. Find a hobby:

Do you like to write? Or maybe you were really good at drawing when you were younger? Whatever it may be find some time and master your hobby. Finding new things to do and learning new crafts keep our brain active and makes our free time more productive. Listen to nature musicals from The Sleeping garden app to get your creative juices flowing!

8. Do something creative:

Even I you can’t paint or color to save a life just get some colors and create whatever comes to your mind. Painting and drawing with your favorite colors has been known to reduce anxiety and stress. There are several coloring books for adults available on the market. Find one and let your stress leave you through colors and creativity.


9. Star gaze:

Even though it is difficult to do now that there are so many lights round us but try to go out at night and look up into the starry sky. Star gazing makes us release how small we are in the system of things and all our worries and troubles are meaningless when looking at the big picture.

star gaze

10. Use The Sleeping garden app:

This app is specially designed to calm you mind and let all the stress wash away. Listening to nature sounds has been a proven way to lower your stress levels and clear you mind, something any busy worker will appreciate after a hard day at work. The panel consists of various birds sounds and trees rustling which can then be combined into a personalized soundtrack according to you preferences. A timer can be used to play the soundtrack for as long as you want. This simple to use app has brought nature to your fingertips and helps those who live in bustling cities where nature is hard to come by.

Try out these great ways to save yourself from information overload and rediscover yourself!