Benefits of Meditation


Meditation is all about inner peace and balance; it is about shutting away external and internal stress from your mind and taking your mind to an inner serene location where it can be at absolute peace. The demands of modern life takes a toll on the mind and body and make a lot of people crave some calmness that seems to always elude them when they try to reach for it.
The world changes frequently and life demands a lot from us at every stage in life; most people want to get lots and lots of things done in a day that twenty four hours doesn’t seem to be sufficient anymore. At the end of each day, many people always feel they haven’t done enough and will try to overwork themselves the next day but will still end up feeling unfulfilled.
I’m sure you will agree with me that with the expectations we have of ourselves and that people have of us, we would add more hours to the twenty four hours contained in a day, if only we could. As we feel a significant increase in the weight on our shoulders as a result of different responsibilities life has saddled us with, a burning desire to remove that weight surfaces time after time.

Overworking ourselves because we want to reach a level of fulfilment leads to the following:
• Stress
• Depression
• Despair
• Tiredness
• Anxiety
• Anger
• Resentment
• Pain
• Insomnia
• Sadness
• Frustration
• Inner Conflict

All these negatively affect our mind and body, which makes it imperative to find a way out, thus making many people knock on the door of the saviour called meditation.
The word meditation is derived from a latin word Meditatio, meaning “to think, contemplate, devise, ponder”. I like to define meditation from two perspectives:
• Meditation is a practice of shutting out every distraction and focusing the mind on a thought, object or activity to reach a higher level of awareness and achieve a clear mind, peace and calm state.
• Meditation is a practice of clearing the mind of everything and focusing on nothing, thereby achieving an impeccable state of absolute mind relaxation.


Types of meditation
There are different types of meditation from which you can choose. You can test some of them to find the one that is best for you. All the methods of meditation are based on increased state of awareness, slower breathing, and increased acceptance.
The following are some of the different types of meditation:
• Body Scan or Progressive relaxation
• Mindfulness meditation
• Breath Awareness Meditation
• Love-kindness meditation
• Zen Meditation

When any of the above methods is practiced frequently with utmost focus and determination, you will start noticing the following changes in your mind, body and life:
• Peace
• Calmness
• Hope
• Fulfilment
• Joy
• Improved memory, focus and emotional reactions
• Improved health
• Increased willingness to forgive


Nature Meditation
Meditation done outside the house in natural surroundings is very easy and immensely therapeutic. It enables you to activate your senses and connect them to nature, thereby achieving a relationship that soothes, heals and refreshes.

Meditating in nature makes for a deeper experience. Forests, grasslands, and the seaside are the best places, but if you are the always-busy type, you can experience nature in applications. Sound application “Sleeping Garden” is equipped with lots of nature’s sounds that you can combine to play at the same time. This is a perfect support tool for meditation.