Let's practice mindfulness meditation.


Without a doubt, promoting the practice of mindfulness is the solution and key to overcoming pain and suffering, it the key to realizing the true essence of natural wisdom. Mindfulness meditation is a proven effective and very unique way of directing us away from where we are and towards somewhere completely different. Mindfulness meditation gives us a vivid understanding of the truth at all time. There is no point ignoring or denying the fact that mindfulness is something everyone naturally possesses, the gain in practicing mindfulness meditation everyday, on the other hand makes it more readily available to us every time.

Wait, let me share a little insight about being mindful with you, whenever you make yourself aware of what you are feeling, tasting, smelling, seeing or hearing, to your state of mind while you are going about your day or of course when you are meditating, you are being mindful. Now one thing that recent researches have shown and thought us is that whenever you are actually being mindful, you are remodeling and transforming the physical structure of your brain for the better. When talking about the practice of meditation, the word Zen will always appear. Much kudos goes to Zen Buddhism, a way of life which to a very large extent promotes and encourages meditation practice, self-control and will power, and the total awareness and expression of these in one’s life daily.


A brief step by step guild on how to practice mindfulness and meditation

With each practice of mindfulness, you get better and better, and it keeps getting better. If your thought and attention wanders away, chill, regain control and follow the steps below to experience a true mindfulness.

Know when to practice mindfulness

The first and probably one of the most important thing to know even before you go about your day is timing. It is important that you do proper planning to know the best time for a really mindful meditation. For instance, if you are going to be having a busy day, it will be wise to have your session either in the morning before the start of the day or in the evening after the busy day. Another thing to note when looking at the timing is the duration for the meditation.

Locate a good spot

To practice mindfulness, the first step in practicing mindfulness is to locate a good spot that is silent and is not cluttered in your apartment where you can comfortably meditate with a hundred percent concentration.


A comfortable sitting position

After getting yourself a good spot, the next thing to do is to find yourself a really good sitting position and posture, one that keep you solid and stable.

Take note of what your leg is doing

If you are sited on a chair, keep your feet flat on the floor and if you are comfortably sited on a cushion, cross your leg (comfortably).

Take note of what arms are doing

Effortlessly place your hand on your legs in whichever way you feel most comfortable. It is a good practice to situate your upper arms in such a way that it is parallel to the upper body.


Straighten the upper part of the body

As pointed out in the step above, ensure that you don’t force anything or stiffen, ensure that the natural curvature of the spine is maintained.

Soften your gaze and drop your chin a little

When meditating, it is important that you keep your eyes closed though not necessary, when doing this, you can gently let your eyelids drop lower gently without compromising your concentration.

Feel every single breadth you take

While meditating, make yourself totally aware of the physical sensation of breathing in and out, whenever you get lost or you mind wanders away from your breadth, just bring it back.

When you are done meditating, gently lift your gaze, open your eyes if they are closed, and take a brief moment to take note of the sounds in the environment before you get up and go on. Without doubt, you will notice a change in your thoughts, emotions and reaction that is a sign that it is working.


Things to note

The aim of mindfulness is not to forget about what is happening or has happened around you, the goal is to focus your thoughts on those things without being judgmental about them. So whenever you notice that you are being judgmental or that your mind is wandering off, bring it back and ensure you are not being judgmental in any way whatsoever.

Bottom line

The act and practice of mindfulness meditation is a very simple and easy one, some or most of the practice doesn’t even require an instructor before you practice and master them. Notwithstanding, as a beginner, getting into a state of meditation may be a bit difficult, do not worry, there are many music and sound tools that can help you get there as a beginner. Sound application "Sleeping Garden" in particular is a great and highly effective tool that can serve as a support tool for mindfulness meditation.