Top 10 tips to sleep soundly every night


Every person in this world knows the frustrations of lying awake in bed all night. Think of all the things that can keep you awake. From all the noise in the other room, the twinge of worry crossing your life, the footsteps on the stairs or a stressful situation that you are experiencing. All these will leave you tossing and turning the whole night. Science shows it is no doubt that every person will experience instances of insomnia at one point in their lifetime. Many of our growth and development processes take part while we are asleep and therefore we cannot afford to stay awake the whole night. It will directly influence our skin health, our stress management and several other health related issues.

Getting quality sleep requires someone to be in a deep state of relaxation. The good news is that you can do something about this. In this brief, I have shared some of the best tips to help you sleep well even on your stressful days.

Avoid Caffeine

Very many people fail to understand how much caffeine can impair the ability to sleep. The science here is that most of us take up to 6 hours to metabolize Caffeine. It blocks the production of sleep inducing hormone called adenosine. Caffeine can also mask the effects of sleep deprivation by waking you up several times in one night.

It is also known for making people tired and hence you may end up getting uncomfortable in bed. This can make you struggle the whole night. Even though it is known to start your mind up in the morning, coffee can cause other things like nausea, relentless respiration and also increase heart rate. All this will lead to lack of sleep in case you take coffee few hours before you retire to bed. Therefore, ensure you do not take coffee or any other product that may contain caffeine 5 hours before your time to go to bed.


Eat sleep-promoting foods

Some foods that contain tryptophan when combined with complex carbohydrates can greatly influence your ability to sleep. Foods such as Nuts, Seeds, Cheese, and dairy products are known to be a rich source of tryptophan. Therefore, ensure you eat these snacks together with foods rich in carbohydrates such as Crackers, whole-wheat toast and many more to induce your sleep. Research shows that the insulin released by carbohydrates promotes the movement of tryptophan into the brain. This hormone will then be converted into serotonin and melatonin. These two are known to be sleep-promoting neurotransmitters.


Lavender essential oil

Scents are known to trigger emotions immediately and therefore they can induce several responses in our body through our nervous system. There are several essential oils that can work well with aromatherapy to induce sleep and treat insomnia. One of them is Lavender essential oil. The scent of Lavender oil stimulates the limbic system which is connected to our emotional response and memories. Its effects influence directly on relaxing the body and giving us soothing memories that make us get asleep gradually.
Lavender oil is one of the top rated oil in terms of its relaxing effects. We had already established that tension is one of the main causes of Insomnia. Using Lavender essential oil can greatly work to calm the nervous system and as a result give you a healthy sleep.
Depression, stress and anxiety are other causes of Insomnia. However, Lavender essential oil is known to reduce depression, manage stress and alleviate anxiety. One study found that Lavender aromatherapy can help reduce anxiety and depression in women with postpartum depression.

essential oils

Valeria Tea

Valeria tea is one of the most common drinks that can help you sleep. You can find this wonderful herb in most health food stores. It has been in use for very many years and is found to be effective. A 2010 research by Fernandez-san-Martin on the Effectiveness of Valerian on insomnia suggests that Valerian tea would be effective for a subjective improvement of insomnia. Although its effectiveness has not been clarified by qualitative or objective measurement, it will greatly help you get rid of insomnia and have a healthy sleep.


Take Green tea

Green tea contains L-theanine amino acid which helps to maintain a calm attentiveness during the day and also during the night. This amino acids are also known to reduce stress and treat insomnia. L-theanine also raises the level of neurotransmitters serotonin, GABA and dopamine which as a result induce sleep. However, the caffeine levels in green tea can outweigh these benefits. Therefore, you should go for no-caffeinated green tea products. If you suffer from insomnia, then have a sip of green tea every time before you retire to bed.


Cherry Juice

This juice is full of tryptophan. This amino acid helps to induce feelings of drowsiness. Tryptophan is also known to react with other chemicals that your body produces to initiate the production of serotonin. This is the hormone that naturally makes you tired and as a result ensure you get enough sleep.
Cherry Juice also contains other amino acids which may in one way or the other hinder the process of Tryptophan amino acid. However, taking cherry juice with a piece of loaf or a cake can make increase the chances of making tryptophan effective.


Take a warm relaxation bath

Taking a relaxation bath can ease the muscles, aid on headaches, diminish cramping and as a result help you get a quality sleep. Taking a warm bath can also raise your body temperatures and keep you warm. The temperatures will drop gradually as you get out of the bathtub and therefore make it easier to drop off to sleep. Combine half a cup of Epsom salt with some few drops of essential oil and add them in hot water. Then soak yourself for 20 to 30 hours before you exit the bathtub and wipe yourself. Epsom salt holds magnesium which will be absorbed through the skin and stimulate feelings of relaxation.


Try bedtime Yoga

Yoga will relax your body and at the same time induce a calming effect on your mind. Some studies recommends simple yoga poses that will let you concentrate on your breathing. One of the best ways of doing bedtime yoga is to try sitting cross-legged and bending forward, reach your hands in front of you with your head facing the ground. You can as well try other bed time exercises such as bed pressure-ups and push-ups.


White noise

Most of us cannot sleep through a tornado and therefore we have to find ways of making the environment conducive for a quality sleep. White noise is a very effective way of treating insomnia. White noise is in simple terms a type of sound signal which is used to mask the background sounds. It is generally produced electronically and it sounds similar to Radio or TV static.
This idea of adding more noise in your room to make you sleep may sound counter intuitive but it is proven to be effective. White noise blends the external sounds from mowing cows to barking dogs and moving cars so your brain pays less attention on them. According to scientists, our hearing has evolved and it works even when we are asleep. Therefore, if your system is not used to noisy backgrounds, you will have a difficult time falling asleep.
When you decide to use white noise, then you are utilizing a principal known as sound masking. This works quite simple because you will have to pay little attention to the sounds outside. The noises in the background will be masked and therefore your mind will be set free of distractions.
, I bet you have heard about "Sleeping Garden". A sound application that has all the white noise that you would need to fully utilize your sleeping time. In case you are struggling finding sleep at night, make an effort to get white noise from this application and you will find yourself sleeping with ease.


Listen to sounds of nature

Listening to sounds of nature can make you relaxed. The main reason for this is that your brain interprets these sounds as "no-threat" sounds and hence the mind will be relieved of all the tensions. According to an associate professor from Pennsylvania State University, listening to sounds of nature will also help your mind to block all other alarming noises that can be distressful. The pattern of rain drops in a quiet surrounding will exist peacefully in the background and make you have a peaceful sleep. Get a playlist that features a summer rainstorm or a bubbling brook. Abrupt sounds will trigger the brain to respond evolutionally and activate the vigilance system. This is the main reason why you will wake up in such a situation. Sounds of nature create a non-threatening atmosphere that will prevent startling a person. There are several sounds of nature that are available in the sound application"Sleeping Garden". Make an effort and get some of the soothing sounds of nature to initiate your sleep. There are several studies that have been put forward showing the health benefits of a quality sleep. Some of them state that your body will boost blood flow to your skin while you are deep asleep and therefore it can give you a glowing complexion. Consequently, ensure you get enough sleep every night. The recommended sleep time for children is 10 hours and that of adults is 8 hours.