Relationship between sleep and beauty


The connection between sleep and beauty is not just deep truth but factual. Your daily routine wears and tears out your body, even your skin fails to recover well since when you sleep the dead cells are repaired. Sleep is what they need for that, to develop and for nourishment too. When you are asleep, your body has the time to remove the dead cells from our skin.

The truth is that, sleep is the medicine you need for a healthy skin which will make you beautiful. But our daily routines don’t allow us from getting that healing sleep we need to have healthy skin. Fatigue will lead to you not being able to have enough sleep. Imagine working for 14-18 hours a day, it is really tiresome.

We do not say you should oversleep, but you at least give time to your body to relax and perform other tasks like repairing your skin’s dead cells. To have a heathy skin, you need enough sleep but there may be some things that won’t let you rest peacefully.

When you are asleep, the body is still active and many body cells are working as they have enough time to do it. But there are issues that prevent you from sleeping when you want to, like insomnia, fatigue or stress. If that happens, you need to understand what can make you sleep better and then, your body will be able to carry out its tasks.


Ways to get enough sleep in benefit of your skin beauty

1) Immerse yourself in the sound healing process.
Music has been known since the ancient age as a healing source for when you are stressed, fatigued or depressed. When you need to get in the bed and sleep, play the soothing music you love. These sounds will enable your mind to forget the stress or sleeping problem you are having. The vibrations perceived from the music promote healing effects in the body and mind. You forget the disturbing noises and you are able to sleep. Healing sounds can be produced by playing a guitar, so you play it on the speakers and it will offer the perfect environment to sleep. After a tiresome day at work, go to your house and play these sounds, they will soothe you for sure.

2) Meditation is another way that can help you sleep. Taking time and clearing your mind will enable you to relax and sleep well. Mindful meditation is perfect to prevent insomnia and help you rest better. Most people keep on worrying about many things when they are in bed, which reduces their sleeping time. Mindfulness meditation involves concentrating on the current happenings and makes you forget about the past and future events. It also involves your breathing, hold your breath to make your brain concentrate on this breathing rate. This will drift your mind to what you are doing and forget everything else you had in mind. Practice this before you get to bed and you will have a smooth night afterwards. You can practice meditation while even playing your best sound healing.

3) Alpha waves, which are produced by the brain when you are in a relaxed state of mind, can also make you sleep easily. All it requires to generate alpha waves is for you to close your eyes and relax your mind. These alpha waves have benefits in your body.
One of them is that you are able to deal with stress better. With the help of these alpha waves, you create a calm environment which shows that the stress or depression you had is gone. All of this improves your immune system which is ruined by either stress or depression.
As beauty goes hand in hand with a healthy body, you will also regain your beauty. Smile and laughter shape your outlook. Alpha waves regulate your emotions and you remain happy. The beauty of your face will increase when you are no longer frowning or always with face lines since you are happy as a result of the alpha waves.
Room temperature also influences when you are trying to sleep. A warm room temperature will make you sleep easily as you will not struggle to get warm to sleep. If it is possible, taking a shower before preparing to get in bed is good. You had a busy day and your body as sweated so a shower will give you good aroma.

For bed sheets, always make sure they are clean so they don’t disturb you at night with the dust or bad smell. Rinse them with your favorite softener so they have that pleasant aroma. This scent will also make your mind relax as it concentrates on it, forgetting about everything else thus falling asleep quickly.
The app "Sleeping Garden" has various sounds that you can easily enjoy like the sound of natural water, bird songs, and white noise. With this app, you can get to sleep in a short time if you have a busy life.

After falling asleep, your body will be able to function properly, improving and boosting your health and beauty.


Here are some benefits of sleep to your beauty.

• Your skin will become clear
When you have enough sleep, the level of moisture in your skin remains balanced and also the pH level stabilizes. When you fail to get enough sleep, your skin’s pH level drops, which makes your skin unable to generate enough moisture so it looks drier. Having enough sleep will enable your skin to have an acidic pH so as to resist skin bacterial infections. The moisture in the skin after having enough sleep enables your skin to not dehydrate, keeping it oily. This promotes your skin beauty.

• You are able to manage your weight
Excess fat in your body will not make you look as good as you want. When you sleep well, your body is able to fully digest the food you had consumed. Imagine you eat your dinner, get to bed afterwards, sleep and wake up hungry, you did work at night! The food was turned into energy you require each morning for your body to remain healthier.
Lacking enough sleep will result on the food you ate not fully turned into energy but stored as fat in your body. This fat will make your skin look not so pretty, ruining your beauty. When we are asleep our body is functioning to process the food we ate that day, so let your body have enough time to do its work and you will be able to control your body weight better.

• Reduce wrinkles
A poor sleep may result in an increase in stress hormones. Stress makes you frown almost all day which results in lines in your face. Your skin starts to wrinkle. The lack of enough sleep will make your skin not prepared for the environment next morning. So your skin has not recovered at night through replacement of dead cells. This will make your skin keep the old dead cells, looking dull and wrinkled. Have a restful night to let your body do its work of repairing your skin fully.

• Be able to control immune skin problems
Increased inflammation due to the increase in the level of the stress hormone in the body as a result of lack of sleep causes your body to lose immunity to resist skin infections. Psoriasis is an example of a skin disease indication of body inflammation. To avoid all the skin disorders, get enough quality sleep and stress hormone will not be triggered to cause skin diseases.

• Protect you from acne breakouts
Stress can ruin your face. It interferes with the moisture of your skin and pH levels. This gives bacteria a chance to attack your skin. There is a reaction of stress and skin and we should avoid stress and not have to deal with such reaction that can ruin our face beauty.

• Position when you sleep
When you are asleep some position can ruin your face beauty. Sleeping on your stomach generates a lot of pressure in the face, creating volume in the face. Sleep on your back or side is appropriate. Avoid putting your face on the pillow as this will result in more wrinkles on your face. To avoid all of this, sleep in a good position to make you face look beautiful.

• Make your hair healthier
Lack of sleep can affect hair damage or loss of it. When you are asleep, your hair gets enough food, nutrients, vitamins and minerals from blood flow directed there. This will make your hair better. The increase of stress, which increases triggering of cortisol, can also lead to hair loss. Sleep can reduce the trigger of this hormone and your hair grows which may improve your beauty.

• Have a heathier and better look
When you have a bad night of sleep, it shows even in your expressions. You look dull and sadder if you don’t have enough sleep. Swollen eyes, paler skin or red face will ruin your beauty. People around you will notice when you don’t sleep very well as you will be less healthy than when you have enough sleep. Even if you are too busy, take time to rest so your face will look well moisturized and heathy. This will make you always look beautiful.


The sleep you get every night can have implications on your appearance. There are special functions our body performs when you are a sleep that helps us be healthy and look good. No matter how busy you are, try to always to have enough sleep as it will make you more beautiful. There is a deep relationship between sleep and beauty. A good sleep will make you beautiful. If you are exposed to stress, what you need a better sleep.