All you need to know about The SLEEPING GARDEN application


One will come to a conclusion that concentrating, meditating and listening to the inner voice is a very difficult thing to do these days. The senseless noise that constitute noise pollution in our environment is enough to make it nearly impossible to stay focus, may result in people having migraines as a result of this excessive unpleasantly, may make it almost impossible for people to sleep, may make it almost impossible to concentrate while reading, in fact, it may reduce the productivity of your business because you will not to be able to concentrate while thinking of a way to move you business forward.

What this application does

The app contains a collection of natural sounds, white noise, pink noise and other sounds that have a huge effect on the alpha waves in the human brain and aiding relaxation. All the various sounds picked were selected in such a way that they can heal the body and mind.

Purpose of use of this application
It aids meditation

The sleeping garden is a tested and trusted application for practicing meditation; it has proven to be an effective tool for meditation. Meditations becomes very effective when you play white natural sounds of oceans, birds, tides and so on. This application contains all these sounds.

For stress management

This app contains an array of white noise and sounds of nature that have proven to be very pivotal in helping you cope with stress. I believe I don’t have to start mentioning the problems associated to stress; this list is endless. It is almost impossible to shut off the mind completely form of mental stress; trying to do this on its own is stress and as a result, something very special is required to keep your mind and body free from all stress and tension, something found only in the sleeping garden app.

For relieving depression

The app has a collection of sounds of nature and white sounds that doesn’t just stop at getting you calm and in a meditating state but also reduce depression by flushing all the negative sounds that brings depression.

Aids relaxation

Yeah, that is right; the sleeping garden has an array of sounds that are useful in enhancing the brain. Research conducted shows that the sounds in the application can be very helpful in raising the alpha waves in the brain. (Alpha waves indicates the level of relaxation)

Apart from the purposes mentioned above, the app also

• Help you get good sleep
• Help you stay calm
• Help you focus on work and study
• Help in anger management
• Increases concentration
• And help secure privacy


Features of this application

• Not only is this app equipped with every sound needed to turn a sour mind into a happy one it is also designed in such a way that it can be used easily and doesn’t require you to study or red anything before you begin to use it.
• An artistic interface
• The app has an artistic interface and a beautiful design that you won’t seem to be able to get enough of.
• The sleeping garden has a wide variety of sounds of nature. The collection includes thunder sounds, sounds of wind blowing, trees, rain, birds singing, birds chirping and much more
• A very clear sound that will get you relaxing in no time.
• A timer (time slider) that enables you to set a time for the app to stop playing

How to use Sleeping Garden


With all said and done, this app will drive peace into your daily life and is certainly one of the easiest apps to use. Each of the sounds can be played alone; you can also combine as many sounds as you like to give you your desired rhythm. The “all off button” makes it possible for you to stop all playing sounds. There is also a timer slider that allows you set the time for the app to stop playing. The each sound has an “i” button in front of every sound to tell you about the sound.

The possibilities of this sound app spreads beyond your imagination. You can create your desired soundtrack by combining as many sounds as you like. By combining the sounds of a mountain stream, waterfall, ocean sounds and that of the chirping bird, you will feel like you are relaxing in a garden filled with many birds chirping and gathering. Even if you are in commuter buses , walking in the midst of crowd or in a really noisy cafeteria, with this app, you still feel lie you are in a beautiful garden sipping your tea and having a nice time with mother nature

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